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Top Visual Rhetoric Essay Topics Choices

Top Visual Rhetoric Essay Topics Choices Visual Rhetoric Essay Topics Secrets A part of rhetorical analysis might look an actual problem to students. Rhetorical analysis example does not need a great deal of external research, but you may want to include sources that explain various procedures of persuasion to demonstrate the way the author of the works you're analyzing convinces their audience. To start with, a visual assay seems to stand from the crowd. The aforementioned guideline on how best to compose rhetorical analysis essays are sure to help you produce amazing pieces. A visual essay based on overall design and the way you are utilizing the textual elements may not formally cite sources, so the annotated bibliography is an absolutely essential part of the academic apparatus. Anyway, you're welcome to upload totally free essay templates at our website. Writing a rhetorical analysis outline template may look like an intimidating task. There are many ways in which you are able to write a rhetorical paper. Not just that, but a visual essay can be a good deal of fun too! Additional there's size chart and you can choose the dress accordingly keeping in mind your financial plan. Whether you are beginning your own collection or only need a couple of the hottest examples ive pulled together ten examples of advertisements which have been recently published in magazines. This paper does the exact same mistake. If your readers don't have precisely the same assumption, they're not likely to understand your logic. Visual rhetoric, essentially, is the meaning that comes as a consequence of that which we see, affected by context. Within this bit of visual rhetoric, there's a very strong message conveyed. It assists the reader your essay to acquire the major idea and the critical message. This kind of questions will give you answers which will provide you a better comprehension of the essay. There are lots of sources to use while writing visual essays. To make a decent visual essay is as demanding as writing a fantastic academic text, and in a number of ways could possibly be considerably harder to do. Before you begin to gather images, you may want to generate a rough outline of how you need your essay to come together. These essays take more time to make certain you fully grasp the work you're analyzing to the maximum degree. A visual essay has to be equivalent in study effort, time, etc, to a bit of conventional academic writing at exactly the same level. It is not a soft option. The Hidden Truth on Visual Rhetoric Essay Topics Have a great think about the kind of title you might choose yourself. It's peculiar that the significance of the word we' in the very first region of the song differs from that in the second part. The Unseen primary character appears to be tormented. Take a look at what you're wearing at this time, for example. Visual Rhetoric Essay Topics - Dead or Alive? In organizing the observations, it's also important to attempt to set up the links between the many visual elements of the image. Sufficient contrast in colors makes it simple for the reader to experience the document. The very first rhetorical appeal, logos, is employed within this image. Anyway, you may also give brief background information regarding the history or evolution of the piece. In case there's need for more research on the idea, you can even point it out in the conclusion. So as to write about visual arts, you've got to comprehend the art better. Moreover, their visual interest Ethos seems to be relatively the same. Visual papers aren't an exception. Visual Rhetoric Essay Topics Secrets That No One Else Knows About Edgar Allan Poe is regarded as one of America's best novelists and journalists. There are lots of pathetic appeals to various feelings of his readers. An author is attempting to evoke a sense of depression into the reader's mind. Since you may see, it isn't essential for the author to be a professional in the field you consider, but it's always excellent to demonstrate he or she indeed has a say. The audience can infer that Ashcraf t is attempting to encourage a wholesome lifestyle in viewers due to her choice to make an antismoking image. The 2nd rhetorical appeal, ethos, also has an impact on the images message. All the viewers may not concur with the notion that smoking ruins what may be close to perfection. Ask yourself why the advertiser opted to use that specific picture. Body It's the main portion of the essay. Graphics is a kind of rhetoric visual that helps to earn a document more effective. The two of these topics offer excellent insight into how this form of persuasive imagery has been utilized throughout history. Take advantage of current Techniques Endeavor to decide on the latest sources and writing techniques.

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Internet Crime Essay - 1429 Words

Internet Crime New times bring new crimes. Actually, as time moves on and our world becomes more technologically dependant, the same old time-tested crimes evolve to fit the arena of the Net. To be specific, the most common Internet crimes are forgery, assault, fraud, and theft.[1] Identity Identity—it’s our most valuable commodity. It defines who we are and is essential to doing business and carrying on personal relationships. But on the Net, identity is ambiguous. To paraphrase Microsofts ad campaign, Who do you want to be today? More appropriately, who might want to be you today? Email has become the written communication medium of choice for many of us—its fast, cheap, convenient, private, and secure. Right?†¦show more content†¦3- Look carefully at message headers for discrepancies between sender and provider. 4- Learn to use tools such as Whois that let you track down email addresses. 5- Acquire and use encryption software, particularly if you send email containing confidential or sensitive information. Assault A few years ago, a web site that was supposed to be the most secure in the world was broken in to. The site’s welcome screen was replaced by crimson eyes, dripping blood, and sexually explicit imagery, not to mention messages the sites sponsor never would have endorsed. This site was the home page of the U.S. Air Force. Ironically enough the site’s sponsor was the U.S. Department of Defense.[2] Fortunately, the hacker only fouled things up enough to leave the message that the site was not secure. Many times, hackers are not so generous. Another frightening fact is that in the past couple of years, sites like the Justice Department, NASA, and the CIA have been hacked. Email has become a popular vehicle for malicious hacking, much of it in the form of mail bombs. A mail bomb is, simply, an attack unleashed by dumping hundreds or thousands of email messages onto specific addresses. Because mail bomb attacks are automated—after the initial programming, the computer does all the work—it is relatively easy to overwhelm a recipient. In November 1996, a college student at Monmouth University in New Jersey allegedly bombarded UniversityShow MoreRelatedInternet Crimes And The Internet1719 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The purpose of this research is to discuss about cybercrimes also known as internet crimes. The researcher has taken help from a number of online sources and a few books as well. Firstly, the researcher will discuss about cybercrime, how and when it came in existence. The researcher then will categorize cybercrimes into 2 parts, cyber abuse and cyber-attacks. This in turn has a few subtopics to follow. And lastly, the researcher will discuss prevention from these kind of attacks. TechnologyRead MoreRole of the Internet and Crime1140 Words   |  5 PagesRole of the internet and crime The Role of the Internet and Crime The Role of the Internet and Crime Michelle Herrick Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism Strayer University Professor Masudur Chowdhury Prepared- 02/16/2013 ` The Role of the Internet and Crime Explain how the Internet has aided criminal activity. The internet has aided to criminal activity by providing an increased amount of anonymity for the criminal. They are able to commit crimes from long distances evenRead MoreEssay on Crime on the Internet2102 Words   |  9 Pagescybercriminals committing cybercrimes. As an unregulated hodgepodge of corporations, individuals, governments, educational institutions, and other organizations that have agreed in principle to use a standard set of communication protocols, the Internet is wide open to exploitation. There are no sheriffs on the Information Superhighway waiting to zap potential offenders with a radar gun or search for weapons if someone looks suspicious. By almost all accounts, this lack of law enforcement leavesRead MoreThe Role of the Internet and Crime971 Words   |  4 PagesThe Role of the Internet and Crime Strayer University Crime has been around for a long time and will probably never disappear. With the invention of many things such as the wheel, the tool helps criminals. The wheel helped the criminals get away faster which made it harder to catch them. Criminals will always look for ways to make their â€Å"job† easier. With the advancement of technology come the advanced criminals. The internet has become one of the biggest toolsRead MoreCyber Crime And The Internet1326 Words   |  6 Pagesworld, have added another dimension to crime. The intensity with which the Internet is used in our everyday lives is a huge factor in determining the increasing rates of cyber-crime. In this era of technological advances, people are unaware of the high risk of exposure of their personal information. While each of the networks that make up the Internet is owned by a public or private organization, no single organization or government owns or controls the Internet. According to a study conducted by theRead MoreCybercrime : A Crime That Is Done Using The Internet Essay889 Words   |  4 PagesCybercrime is a crime that is done using the internet (Burton, 2007). Cybercrime is growing as the internet has grown in popularity. We now use the internet to conduct business, to do banking, for our healthcare, and to communicate with our friends and family. The internet holds an amazing amount of information on people and businesses. The internet gives those who want to use this information for illegal purposes, a tool to access unlimited information. As the growth of the internet has explodedRead MoreIs Cybercrime A Type Of Crime That Is Committed Over The Internet?120 6 Words   |  5 Pagesuses of Internet and computers have made life much easier; technology in general has improved the economy, medical research, and healthcare. Internet and computers have become a huge part of many people s lives in this era; it allows individuals to stay in touch, find information, and even make a living through online businesses. When there are positive points, there are bound to be some negative ones, and that is Cybercrime. Cybercrime is a type of crime that is committed over the Internet usingRead MoreEssay on Online Fraud, E-Crime, and Internet Scams1308 Words   |  6 PagesFraud, E-Crime, and Internet Scams In the mid-1980’s, computer-related crimes appeared in the United States. Computer-related crimes have now spawned into Internet crimes, and have raised issues regarding Internet security. Essentially, the Internet has become a playground for criminal mischief. Basically, 21st-century technology and Internet accessibility are providing arenas for criminals to use old-fashioned techniques to take advantage of consumers. Recently, Internet crime rates haveRead MoreCyber Criminology: Exploring Internet Crimes and Criminal Behavior by K. Jaishankar2837 Words   |  12 Pageseveryone everywhere in the world has either used or owned a computer. If there was an Internet connection, then they have all been connected together across that medium. But when you are just browsing the Internet or looking at your choice of social media site, did you know that you are getting attacked by some sort of malware or could be verbally assaulted by an individual? In Cyber Criminology: Expl oring Internet Crimes and Criminal Behavior by K. Jaishankar, he describes all the ways people acrossRead MoreCyber Crimes on the Internet1117 Words   |  5 Pageswide web, also called the Internet, was made, although the Internet may be found all the way back in 1958. The internet used to be the place the nerds hung out when it first started now everyone is on the internet. By the millennium the web became a world wide phenomenon. You may now order pizza from your computer talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend, and even play a game with a friend in another country. With this new technology also comes with it a whole new set of crimes, such as stalking, hacking

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Definition and Examples of Euro-English

Euro-English is an emerging variety of the English language used by speakers in the European Union whose mother tongue is not English. Gnutzmann et al. point out that it is not clear, as yet, whether English in Europe will in the foreseeable future become a language in its own right, one that is owned by its multilingual speakers, or whether the orientation towards native-speaker language norms will continue to persist (Communicating Across Europe in  Attitudes Towards English in Europe, 2015). Observations Two foreign girls--nannies? tourists?--one German, one Belgian (?), talking in English beside me on the next table, unconcerned by my drinking and my proximity. . . . These girls are the new internationalists, roving the world, speaking good but accented English to each other, a kind of flawless Euro-English: I am very bad with separation, the German girl says as she stands up to leave. No true English speaker would express the idea in this way, but it is perfectly comprehensible. (William Boyd, Notebook No. 9. The Guardian, July 17, 2004)   The Forces Shaping Euro-English [T]he evidence is accumulating that a Euro-English is growing. It is being shaped by two forces, one top-down and the other bottom-up.The top-down force comes from the rules and regulations of the European Union. There is an influential English Style Guide issued by the European Commission. This makes recommendations about how English should be written in official documents from the member states. On the whole it follows standard British English usage, but in cases where British English has alternatives, it makes decisions--such as recommending the spelling judgment, not judgement...More important than these top-down linguistic pressures, I suspect, are the bottom-up trends which can be heard around Europe these days. Ordinary Europeans who have to use English to each other every day are voting with their mouths and developing their own preferences. . . . In sociolinguistics, the technical term for this interaction is accommodation. People who get on with each other find that their a ccents move closer together. They accommodate to each other...I dont think Euro-English exists yet, as a variety comparable to American English or Indian English or Singlish. But the seeds are there. It will take time. The new Europe is still an infant, linguistically. (David Crystal, By Hook or by Crook: A Journey in Search of English. Overlook, 2008) Characteristics of Euro-English [I]n  2012 a report found that 38% of the EU’s citizens speak [English] as a foreign language. Nearly all of those working at EU institutions in Brussels do. What would happen to English without the English? A sort of Euro-English, influenced by foreign languages, is already in use. Many Europeans use control to mean monitor because  contrà ´ler  has that meaning in French. The same goes for assist, meaning to attend (assister  in French,  asistir  in Spanish). In other cases, Euro-English is just a naive but incorrect extension of English grammatical rules: many nouns in English that don’t properly pluralise with a final s are merrily used in Euro-English, such as informations and competences. Euro-English also uses words like actor, axis or agent well beyond their narrow range in native English...It could be that whatever native-speakers might consider correct, Euro-English, second language or no, is becoming a dialect fluently spoken by a large group of people who understand each other perfectly well. Such is the case of English in India or South Africa, where a small group of native speakers is dwarfed by a far larger number of second-language speakers. One effect m ay be that this dialect would lose some of the tricky bits of English, such as the future perfect progressive (We will have been working) that aren’t strictly necessary. (Johnson, English Becomes Esperanto. The Economist, April 23, 2016) Euro-English as a Lingua Franca - Tramp . . . could be the first English-language glossy magazine aimed at people who speak Euro-English as a second language. (Social Vacuum. The Sunday Times, April 22, 2007)- In the case of English in Europe, there seems little doubt that it will continue to increase its position as the dominant lingua franca. Whether this will result in varieties of European Englishes, or in a single variety of Euro-English being used as a lingua franca can only be determined by further research. The extent to which it is stifling (Gà ¶rlach, 2002:1) other European languages by steadily encroaching on more and more domains also needs to be researched, as do European attitudes toward English, especially the attitudes of the young. (Andy Kirkpatrick, World Englishes: Implications for International Communication and English Language Teaching. Cambridge University Press, 2007) Further Reading AmericanizationDenglish (Denglisch)Global EnglishGlobishNotes on English as a Global LanguageWorld English

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An Alternative Dispute Resolution ( Adr ) Method - 1877 Words

Increased use of mediation on workplace conflicts as an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method leads to researches into efficacy of this method in different sectors. While many professional and practical research works conducted by professional bodies, there is paucity of academic works (Bollen and Euwema, 2013). With this specification of the area, Bennett’s research on the workplace mediation efficacy for higher education (HE) sector is regarded as a contribution to academic knowledge base. Bennett researches into workplace mediation process as an alternative dispute resolution method for higher education (HE) sector. Characteristics of mediation process at HE sector and reasons for conflicts were argued based on the reports of the†¦show more content†¦Regardless of increasing interest on workplace mediation, there are limited number of research works for last two decades (Bollen and Euwema, 2013). Bennett used a number of professional sources for his research including works from ACAS and CIPD. The positive sides of this references are 1) considering professional specifications of the area, 2) reviewing the current practical applications and procedures of mediation and 3) making sense of challenges of workplace conflicts and mediation for employers and employees. Moreover, workplace mediation with its all detailed aspects and factors, also it role for as a guarantee for organizational climate and justice is not examined (Nesbit et al, 2012). Thus, literature review in the paper provides accurately information about previous research on the topic. The research was conducted under qualitative research methodology and the main method used was individual interview. All interviews were held with 36 representatives from 16 universities in the North England and 4 senior managers from UK’s largest mediation services providers. In addition to mediators and mediation co-ordinators, HR staff, training and development staff and equality and diversity staff from some universities was involved to the research according to their role in mediation process. Interview is one the most used method to research into workplace conflicts and workplace mediation, since it is seen from many previous research papers including the papers on the

Essay on The Sacred Wood and Began the Waste Land by T.S....

T.S. Eliot was one of many award winning book writers. T.S. Eliot was known as a ‘’hard working writer.’’ He published his first book in 1915, starting off his career as a writer/poet. T.S. Eliot was born September 26, 1888 in St. Louis. He was the youngest of seven born to Henry Ware Eliot and Charlotte Eliot. In 1906–10, undergraduate at Harvard. He discovered the Symbolists and Lafarge. He was in editor of the Harvard Advocate, a literary magazine. In 1911-14 he was in graduate student in philosophy at Harvard. In 1914 he settled in England where his poems came to the attention of the American poet Ezra Portland. He studied at the University of Marbury, Germany, cut off by war. He resided at Merton College, Oxford. He published in†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"What is a classic† was published in 1944. A lecture was given in Washington in 1945. T. S. visited Ezra Pound at St. Elizabeth’s hospital too. Then he shared an apartment in London with John Hayward until 1957. Eliot received an honorary degree from Howard in 1947. His first wife also had died after a long illness. In 1948, he was awarded the order of Merit and the Nobel Prize for literature. He created Notes Toward a Definition of Culture. In 1950, The Cocktail Party was published. In 1951, Eliot suffered a mild heart attack. He began to have poor health afterwards. T. S. was awarded the Hanseatic Goeth Prize in 1954. 1956, he lectured in Minneapolis on â€Å"The Frontiers of Criticism.† Eliot married Valerie Fletcher, his own personal secretary. He became an elderly statesman. He lectured at Leeds. He also published â€Å"To Criticize the Critic†. He was seriously ill in London. After he got a little better, he visited New York with his wife, Valerie in 1963. He died in London on January 4th. He was a very smart and creative writer and he worked hard at what he did (Bloom 121). The Criterion was the most distinguished international critical journal of the period was published between the years of 1922 and 1939. The Murder in the Cathedral was published and performed in 1935. Eliot had plays which began with Sweeney Agonists (published in 1926; first performed in 1934) and ended with The Elder Statesman (first performed in 1958; published in 1959) (Childs 2). TheShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Literature On Literature And The Social View Of Poetry1391 Words   |  6 Pagespublicized as many thoughts and critical views as T.S. Eliot, and by disseminating his opinions throughout the literature world, Eliot found a way to communicate new perspectives and tastes in literature (Worthen). Born in the fall of 1888, T.S. Eliot grew up to become one of the most influential poets of all time, as he found a unique way of communicating through literature. Sometimes referred to as the â€Å"keeper of the language† or the â€Å"model poet of our time† Eliot presented powerful criticisms of societyRead MoreThomas Stearns Eliot Essay examples1159 Words   |  5 PagesThomas Stearns Eliot T.S. Eliot was a poet, critic, and an editor. He was a major figure in English poetry, famous for works such as The Waste Land, and The Sacred Wood. His critical essays helped to start a movement of literary modernism by stressing tradition, along with objective discipline. Eliot, along with the help of William Butler Yeats, and Ezra Pound set new poetic standards by rejecting the English romantics. Thomas Stearns Eliot was born in St. Louis, MO. on September 26thRead MoreEmily Dickinson Essay1254 Words   |  6 Pagesduring the period after her return from school she began to dress in all white and chose few people that she would let into her own precious society. Emily refused to see almost everyone that came to visit her. She seldomly left her fathers house. In her entire life she took one trip to Philadelphia, Washington, and a few trips to Boston. Other than those trips, she did not leave her hometown. During this time which was her early twenties, Emily began to write poetry. Luckily for her, during thoseRead More Barkovs Hamlet: A Tragedy of Errors Essay6762 Words   |  28 PagesHamlet The primary plot of Hamlet is being neglected by readers due to its embodiment within the ugly prosaic passages which are perceived as flaws of Shakespeares composition—that is, as something insignificant on which Shakespeare would not waste time to convert it into iambic verses. Though the prosaic passages in Hamlet were intended by Shakespeare, that misleading interpretation has been taken for granted by the scholars engaged in the Shakespeare studies. (3) With the consideration of

Librarianship and Organizational Intelligence Systems

Question: Discuss about the Librarianship and Organizational Intelligence Systems. Answer: Introduction This part of the assignment aims to present the discussion and analysis of several approaches used for auditing that assists in reducing the auditing risk to an acceptable level. The report covers the explanation on risk- based approach that is used at the stage of audit plan including the explanation of audit risk in relation to the audit plan. The report also presents explanation on the process that helps the auditor in eliminating the audit risk using risk- based approach. Risk- based approach Risk based approach to auditing is a procedure internal to the organization that considers inherent risk engaged in the financial statements or business activities to provide assurance on the management of risk within the acceptable level. The department of independent audit conducts risk based audit approach that directs the audit resources towards the weak areas of the business or financial statements that contain errors and misstatements so that the risk can be mitigated (Thompson et al., 2013). Audit Plan using a risk based approach As the independent audit department conducts the risk- based approach in audit, role of auditor has been significant for governance and required to enhance the understanding for appropriate audit plan. It is essential to plan audit procedures appropriately for risk- based approach so that it provides better governance, strong management to eliminate business risk and reliable controls (Li et al., 2015). Accordingly, audit plan using the risk- based approach involves assessment of risk management along with the control of internal processes as well as it displays the areas that contains higher risk. In this approach, auditor external to the organization, is required to consider two steps while planning the audit process i.e. process of risk assessment and execution of audit plan based on risk. Audit plan involves identification of key risks and defining the core audit areas in the financial statements that may contain material misstatements. Audit plan also involves procedure to monit or the internal control along with the plan to place communication with the management of the organization (Bhattacharjee, Maletta Moreno, 2015). Audit risk in relation to planning Audit risk refers to the risk due to which the auditor provides inappropriate audit opinion on the verification of financial statements that involves inherent risk, control risk and detection risk. At the stage of audit plan, it is essential to consider the components of audit risk so that the inherent risk can be minimized with respect to identify the core areas of financial statements may involve material misstatements. It is also essential to plan the audit procedure in terms of nature and size of business organization so that the detection risk and control risk can be eliminated to provide appropriate audit opinion (Carvalho Esteban-Navarro, 2016). Accordingly, risk based approach reduces audit risk by identifying the internal controls of the organization using the top- down approach. Since it involves the approach to determine the nature of audit tests relevant to the organizational business, the risk-based approach would reduce the audit control risk (Li et al., 2015). Conclusion Considering the above discussion, it can be concluded that auditing procedures should involve certain approaches to reduce the probable risk that helps in providing appropriate audit opinion. It is essential for the independent auditor to plan audit process that helps in identifying the areas involve material misstatements and weak internal control system that helps in reducing audit risk. Reference List Bhattacharjee, S., Maletta, M. J., Moreno, K. K. (2015). The Role of Account Subjectivity and Risk of Material Misstatement on Auditors' Internal Audit Reliance Judgments.Accounting Horizons,30(2), 225-238. Carvalho, A. V., Esteban-Navarro, M. (2016). Intelligence audit: Planning and assessment of organizational intelligence systems.Journal of Librarianship and Information Science,48(1), 47-59. Li, C., Raman, K. K., Sun, L., Wu, D. (2015). The SOX 404 internal control audit: Key regulatory events.Research in Accounting Regulation,27(2), 160-164. Thompson, M. P., Calkin, D. E., Finney, M. A., Gebert, K. M., Hand, M. S. (2013). A risk-based approach to wildland fire budgetary planning.Fore

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Anishinaabe Involvement in Social Activism

Question: Discuss about the Anishinaabe Involvement in Social Activism. Answer: Introduction: Anishinaabe or sometime termed as Anishinabek or Anishinaabeg is a group of people that are considered the original or the first people of North America and Canada who were culturally related at one end while sharing similar territories and languages at the other. The group was composed of several nations including Ojibwe, Oji- Cree, Potawatomi, Odawa, Algonquin peoples and Mississaugas. Traditionally, they have lived in Subarctic and Northeast Woodlands, used to speak Anishinaabe languages and strongly connected to their spiritual dogmas. Regarding social and political activism for their survival, Anishinaabe communities enjoy a very long and strong history keeping in view their spiritual ideas suggested by Seven Fires Prophecy. According to this divination doctrine, it is believed that human beings belong to varied traditions, languages and colors can come close together on the basis of their values and dignity. This dogma offers strong basis to their survival as well as their efforts ever made in the past to date. Looking into the past to 796 AD, it can be observed that the existence of Three Fires Confederacy or the Council of Three Fires was a community based response for Anishinaabe dignified existence. This union was a peaceful co-existence by the three main identities of this ethnic group including Ojibwa, Potawatomi and Ottawa. While moving away from the Atlantic coast in westward, Anishinaabe reached at Michilimackinac where the council was formed. This council was the beginning of an alliance by Anishinaabe for the declaration of their social and political rights while strongly connected to their values. The council was, first, set up for military purposes, peace existence with neighboring countries and trade promotion. Later on, the social and political activism did not stop but it continued throughout centuries. Spiritual ideas like The Seven Fires Prophecies and their true restoration were always considered the matter of high concerns for this ethnic group. They were strongly connected to their doctrines and values. They could fight to any extent for the preservation of their values. For example one event occurred in 1910 when Anishinaabe had to fight for the restoration of their spiritual beliefs which were based on multiple models due to the presence of various sub- groups in this ethnic identity. Basically, in 1870s onward, the Grand General Indian Council of Ontario tried its level best to reunite different sub-groups on one unified spiritual idea. With the help of this attempt, political dominance and influence were thought to be achieved over colonial powers. However, it was obvious that the idea would eventually hurt the individuality or existence of various groups that were the part of An ishinaabe. So, the situation resulted in the social activism of the community and finally a wide spread movement started and resulted in the successful formation of Allied Bands of Qu Appelle in order to offer a forum where protests can be better recorded at national level. However, it is further observed that the societal as well as political efforts of Anishinaabe did not come to an end. Anishinaabe attempts of being socially active were continued all through the way to date. The Union of Ontario Indians- an offshoot of Council of Three Fires formed in 1949 at national level is the concrete example in this regard. It is not only a political advocate for Anishinaabe nations but it further incorporates several other nations. Furthermore, time to time, nation based responses can be easily observed regarding Anishinaabe issues whether we talk about community based activists, groups or people. For example, Stanley Nelson directed Wounded Knee on May 11, 2009 in this regard. The film, basically, reflected American Indian Movement. The role of activists was especially highlighted. In the film, the distressed conditions faced by American Indians were especially focused who engaged in a confrontation with US government for the restoration of their rights, broken treatise and for the end of their grievances. The issue of racism was also explored just to bring nations attention towards an invisible communal group and its desperate situations. Finally, Anishinaabe sense of pride and connection to their legacy was thoroughly investigated in this movie. Last but not the least; other nation based activist groups can also be seen working for Anishinaabe issues. As already mentioned; visions play a vital role in Anishinaabe lives. They are the carriers of their values and dreams so, currently, Standing Rock and Idle No More are the movements serving their cause. Standing Rock Indian Movement basically focused on the opposition of Dakota Access Pipeline project in United States based on their vision of Lakota Black Snake Prophecy. According to this prophecy, there would be a black snake that would go up from the deep land and finally bring great destruction and sorrow. Keeping in notice the prophecy, the activists believe that the pipeline is a black snake that would definitely harm their natural environment. Similarly, Idle No More is another activist movement which has been rooted to protect natural environment like land, air and water. The end goal of every struggle put forward by Anishinaabe activists is the survival of values and e ndurance of future generations. Bibliography Anishinabek Nation. (2016). Union of Ontario Indians. Retrieved from https://www.anishinabek.ca/about-us/ Historica Canada. Retrieved from https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/ojibwa/ (2009). Episode 5: Wounded Knee. Retrieved from https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/weshallremain/the_films/episode_5_about (2009). Wounded Knee: Plot Summary. Retrieved from https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1352851/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl Moe, K. (22014, May 6). How a Black Snake in the Heartland Brought Spirit to American Environmentalism. Retrieved from https://www.yesmagazine.org/peace-justice/black-snake-in-the-heartland-spirituality-american-enviromentalism Intercontinental Cry: A Publication of the Center for World Indigenous Studies. Retrieved from https://intercontinentalcry.org/indigenous-peoples/anishinaabe/